Celebrants, & My Background


What is a Celebrant?

A Civil Celebrant works with you to create a bespoke ceremony, which will fulfil your requirements, and strive  to make your special day as perfect  as you can possibly envisage.

At present in the England, the only way that a couple can legally marry is limited to either a religious/ church wedding, or through a Registrar who can perform a legal marriage at a Register Office, or specifically licensed venue.

Since  only March 2014 same sex couples are able to legally marry, but they are limited to a Civil Marriage with a registrar.

These options do not always fulfil or suit a couples' 'wedding dreams'. 

Many people do not want a religious wedding.

Wedding Services conducted by registrars have limited  content, and must adhere to a strict set of declaratory and contractual words. These ceremonies can feel impersonal as nothing can be introduced or altered.


The Solution - Why choose a Civil Celebrant

Until the outdated marriage laws change, celebrants cannot legally marry a couple. BUT we can deliver your perfect ceremony, at any venue, including your home if desired. 

Many couples prefer to get married and do the 'legal bit' at a registry office first. They then have their perfect 'Big Day', when they exchange rings and make their vows/promises to each other, afterwards at a venue of their choice. 

The celebrant led ceremony is tailor made to suit the couple; reflecting their relationship, history and personalities. This creates a really exciting option for couples and allows them to create a day that is deeply moving and sentimental for themselves, their friends and their family.

This option also suits couples who have married abroad and wish to celebrate with friends and family on their return.

Celebrants also offer many other types of ceremony: Civil Marriage Celebration, Civil Partnership Celebration; Renewal of Vows; Commitment Ceremonies; Retirement; Child Naming/Blessing Ceremonies and Welcoming Ceremonies.


My Training and Service

I am an independent Civil Celebrant.

My training was with Civil Ceremonies Ltd, a highly respected, approved body who have been leading the way in the Celebrancy field for many years. CCL have been instrumental in the introduction, availability and enormous growth in popularity, of celebrant ceremonies in the UK. 

They provide highly regulated  training and development programmes which have produced several hundred professionally trained Celebrants, throughout the country, and I am proud to be counted as one of them. 

Through my stringent  training with CCL, my qualification is also registered and meets their high standards, ensuring that  you get a professional service.

I will do my best to ensure that  you have the perfect ceremony;

Work with you to bring out your inspiration, sentimental memories and stories; provide ideas, structure, and include any family and friends that you want to be involved.

Part of my work is to liase with venue staff and other professionals, to co-ordinate the ceremony effectively.

Finally, on the big day you can calm your nerves, relax and enjoy your moment, with the reassurance that I will deliver the ceremony, ensuring that all goes ahead according to your wishes.