Naming Ceremonies


A Naming or Blessing Ceremony is a way in which we welcome a new child into our family, and our world.

Naming ceremonies have their roots in ancient history. The 'giving of a name' was an important rite which brought the new child into the family. 

Across the planet there are many different cultures, all of which have their own ways of welcoming a child into the world, in both religious and non-religious ways.

These days, thousands and thousands of parents seek out the services of a celebrant to create a bespoke Naming/Blessing celebration ceremony, which is personal to them.

Your name is often the first piece of information that we give to others about ourselves; it is how we are recognised in society.


Why are Naming Ceremonies Important

Naming ceremony celebrations are a powerful and beautiful way to bond a new family together as one unit, whilst re-enforcing the extended circle of supporting  family and friends around them. It can be a deeply emotional, strengthening and moving experience for all concerned. 

Naming ceremonies are an important opportunity for parents to make  promises to their new child, and through doing so, think about what sort of parents they want to be. Many couples also take this opportunity to make promises of support to each other; some wish to repeat their wedding vows. 

One of the most important reasons for holding a naming /blessing celebration is for the  appointment of Supporting Adults/godparents. 

Many grandparents also enjoy being involved in  this  important ceremony. 

Older children can also be involved - there are many symbolic actions that they can perform if wished.

These ceremonies are perfect if, for example, the parents already have older children; if they have children from previous relationships; if the parent is a single parent; if the parents are not married, or if the parents are from different faiths or belief systems and wish to create a ceremony that can reflect both of them combined.

The re-enforcing and combining of the family unit,  and the circle of supporting friends and relatives around that unit, is so important, especially in this day and age where family situations are so much more complex. .

Naming ceremonies can be as powerful as wedding celebrations!

Whatever parents choose to include in their personal ceremony, the memorabilia of the day will be wonderful for the child to look back on when they are older.


What we Offer

We will work with you to create a bespoke naming or blessing ceremony that reflects you and your requirements.  

Naming Ceremony Fee is  £160

The fee includes:

  • An initial meeting: to get to know you, your details & your story. This is your opportunity to meet me, and decide if I am someone that you are happy to work with. NB: At the end of this meeting, if you wish to proceed with me, I require a non-refundable deposit of £60 which will secure the ceremony date and allow me to start working on the event.
  • I will create a ceremony script, and build the ceremony itself using your information and vision. You will then be sent a copy of the draft script, including any readings or poems, via e-mail. This is for you to review and amend if/where required. You have unlimited communication via e-mail and telephone until we have arrived at a final ceremony and script which is perfect for you.
  • On the big day I will arrive early to set up the ceremony area, and then deliver the ceremony.
  • Any commemorative certificates are included in the fee.

NB: any additional items ie. items bought for symbolic actions are NOT included in the standard fees as these items vary greatly from ceremony to ceremony. These items must be paid for separately if required, at the time of purchase. I have access to may extra celebration items, at competitive prices, but you are free to source your own, or use sentimental family items within the ceremony.